Jun 08 2011

AA Cockatiel

On May 22, Joplin, Missouri was hit by tornados.  After the storm, after friends and family are accounted for, one of the first things many tornado victims look to recover are family photos, heirlooms, and pets.  Last week I was visiting my daughter (I don’t like n ‘law words) who lives in Springfield, Missouri just sixty miles south of Joplin.  She works at the airport on the north side of Springfield.   The day after  the destruction in Joplin, American Airline employees were working near a computer terminal in one of the maintenance hangars.  Suddenly something fell on the console.  Startled as to what had fallen, to their surprise, they found an unconscious cockatiel bird.  After safely containing the bird, finding some bird food and water……..the bird recovered.

The bird rescuers feel that the bird had survived the Joplin tornados.  Blown out of its cage the tornado winds blew the bird the sixty miles to Springfield.  There it sought shelter in the closest place which happened to be an airplane hangar.  Climbing to the top for safety, exhaustion, lack of food and water was too much and it collapsed.  The bird is in a ‘foster’ home of one of the employees and word has gone out to the Joplin area for anyone who has lost their cockatiel.


This is the slogan of American Airlines.  Thanks to all of you for going the extra mile in rescuing and reuniting bird and owner together.

May finding their lost cockatiel, bring the owner some peace and hope moving forward.


  1. Brandie Robb

    Oh Bridget – this was fabulous! I love love love that you wrote about this! I have heard so many animal stories since the tornados, and experiencing this was absolutely amazing. You are such a great writer – I love ALL of your blogs! We miss you!

  2. Kathy Tsark

    Bridget — this was a great story. I always enjoy stories about our precious animals!

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